Aug 17

The Perfect Solution For Making Juice

When the summer comes to an end and the leaves just barely begin to turn colors, another natural phenomenon begins to happen with the trees in my parent’s yard. They begin to drop fruit to the ground. Those trees are filled with apples, and now those apples are beginning to fall from the yard which only means one thing, time for the traditional making of apple juice.

At the point when enough apples have fallen from the trees is when we get out equipment for making apple juice. We gather up all the buckets we can find which will be used to collect all of the apples that have fallen from the trees to the ground. When a bucket is full, it is brought over to the apple pressing area, and then the work to fill another bucket begins.

While the apples are being collected, there is another process that is taking place and that is the pressing of the apples. The apple press that we use is actually an antique that was passed down to us by our grandmother. Yes it’s old, but it still does the exact job that it is supposed to do which is press the apples so the juice can be collected. Beneath the press is another bucket which is used to collect the juice as it falls from the press.

The apple press is shaped like a bucket and has a threaded shaft going down through the middle to the bottom where it is attached with a flange that allows it to spin through. At the top is a crank and on the shaft is a wood block shaped like the opening of the bucket. When the crank is turned, the wood block spirals downward on the shaft, pressing whatever fruit

Aug 17

The Drawbacks To Juicing Your Fruit And Vegetables

If you want to lead a healthier life, and maybe lose a little weight too, then you will need to start eating more fruit and vegetables and stop eating fried food and other unhealthy food. But crunching on carrots all day is not much fun, so lots of people turn to juicing as a tasty and convenient way to cram in all those nutrients. There are some problems with juicing though, which we will discuss below.

The first problem with juicing is that it drastically reduces the natural fiber content in the fruits and vegetables you are using. Since you will be leaving out all of the skins and most of the pulp, most of the fiber is also left behind. Skins and pulp are the main sources of plant based fiber. Plant based fiber has been shown to promote intestinal health, assist with proper digestion, and help the body utilize energy more efficiently.

Another problem is that you are concentrating the sugars from a lot of different items into one glass which is easy to drink, combine that with the lack of fiber and you force a great deal of sugar to enter your system very quickly, spiking your blood sugar levels and forcing your body to fight it off. This means you can expect a ‘high’ of energy as the sugar courses through your system, and then a ‘low’ as your body removes the sugar and causes your levels to dip below normal. Also you are removing the skins, which are where most of the beneficial flavonoids and carotenoids are concentrated.

I don’t want you to think that juice is bad though, it is still a much better option than the sugar-laden fizzy drinks that you might consume instead, at least this way you get nutrients as well. They are also

Aug 16

Monavie Acai Fruit Juice Review

MonaVie is recognized for items that have high antioxidant levels and nutritional properties. But this is not all you will find in the fruit juice line up of products. Here is a breakdown of some of the solutions this company delivers.

The first product called “Essential” is a blend of 19 fruits and also the most potent form of aai available. Scientifically blended to aid your body’s nutritional needs, this juice has anti-aging positive aspects as it improves well being overall.

The second product is called “Active” and is really a one more fruit juice that mixes 19 fruits and glucosamine. Glucosamine may assist with joint flexibility and mobility. Once more, with the most potent type of aai available on the market, this fruit juice will help with protecting against cellular oxidation although it targets the health of joints.

“Pulse” is once again another mix of the identical 19 fruits, resveratrol, and plant sterols. Resveratrol and plant sterols happen to be scientifically proven to help lower cholesterol. This fruit juice also has the most potent form of aai known. This juice is what MonaVie loves to take into account “cardioprotective” meaning it supports optimal cell health and healthy levels of cholesterol.

(M)mun is yet another juice with that similar combination of 19 fruits and Wellmune. Wellmune is definitely an established substance used to strengthen the body’s immune defenses. This fruit juice is also created using the purest form of aai accessible. This specific juice will help with cellular oxidation although helping the bodies defense mechanisms year round.

“E” and “E Lite” really are a blend of antioxidant wealthy fruits including the Brazilian superfruits the acai berry and Maqui. This particular fruit juice is lightly carbonated and is supposed to enhance performance, endurance, and concentration by kicking your energy level and maintaining it. Beyond that, this

Aug 16

Benefits of Juice Fasting

Before we get into benefits of juice fasting, I wanted to mention a few words about fresh raw green juices. Fresh raw juicing provides you with a liquid dosage of nutrients. I love juicing a green juice (celery, cucumber, and a dark leafy green like kale or swiss chard) first thing in the morning. Green Juices are very alkalizing. In general, our regular cooked diets tends to be acidic and we consume too many acidic foods. The toxic effects of acidic foods is what causes most of the diseases today. Excess acidity in our body damages our organs especially the liver and the kidney. One way to incorporate a more alkalized diet is to include fresh green juices.

Having a green juice in the morning is the best gift you can give to your body. You will have incredible energy throughout the day. If you are new to juicing, you may want to consume a little throughout the day to get use to the green juice taste or add an apple or carrot to sweeten the juice.

Juice fasting is when you don’t eat solid foods for a period of time and only consume fresh raw juices. Newcomers begin with a 3 days but most common is a 10 day juice fast.

Juice fasting is one of the best ways to detoxify your body, removing excess toxins and therefore reaping great health benefits from it. Although some people do it for fast weight loss, this is not the main reason you should juice fast. Weight loss comes naturally but the main reason is reap some great health benefits which include:

– Improves digestion as you give your body a break from gluten, dairy, animal produce, refined sugars, caffeine, alcohol and other unhealthy foods. Easiest way to eliminate unhealthy food habits.

– Strengthens your immune system

Aug 15

Organic Fruit and Vegetable Boxes

Organic fruit and vegetable boxes are gaining in popularity as consumers become increasingly alarmed by the dangers of pesticide residue. Organic fruit and vegetable boxes are not available in every place, but some places have wonderful programs that accept standing orders.

In London, organic fruit and vegetable boxes are delivered weekly. It’s a great way to get nutritional organic fruit and vegetables without relying on a local market. A typical box delivered in May might contain fresh organic fruit and vegetables such as broad beans, carrots, cauliflower, celery, lettuce, loquats, onions, pears, potatoes, radishes, rhubarb, spinach, and tomatoes.

London organic fruit and vegetable boxes offer families a range of fresh organic fruit and vegetables. Box contents change from week to week, and from season to season. Organic fruit and vegetables that are at their peak locally are chosen. If certain produce cannot be grown locally, imported organic fruit such as bananas, for example, are included.

London organic fruit and vegetable boxes are sold according to family size. Small boxes of organic fruit and vegetables suit a couple; medium boxes feed 3 people; large boxes feed 4.

Customers simply go online and order the size of organic fruit and vegetable boxes they want. They may then add extra organic fruit and vegetables. They tell how many weeks they want to receive boxes, and give a name and address. The boxes are delivered automatically as many weeks as they wish.

Some organic fruit and vegetable box shippers in Great Britain include the option of organic items such as eggs, cheese, jam, and salmon.

After finding 7 London organic fruit and vegetable boxes, we found many more throughout England, Scotland, and Wales.

Other Organic Fruit and Vegetable Programs

The organic fruit and vegetable boxes of Great Britain are not alone in offering shipment of organic fruit and vegetables. Other companies are

Aug 15

Juice, Making The Most Of It For Your Health With Fresh Home Made Juice

Juicing is a way to easily add all the fruits and vegetables to your diet that so many people miss out on. Often they don’t like the taste of so many of them. Another thing is when these items are processed many of the more healthful parts are discarded. There is a lot of nutrition in the peels and seeds that are normally discarded.

In bottled juice pasteurization is used to meet government requirements and to prevent spoilage. This is a process that involves heating up the juice. This heat destroys the live enzymes and many other healthy parts of the juice. But when you make it yourself and drink it fresh all the healthy parts remain intact and go to work in your system.

Healthy Juicing Recipes

This juice contains apples, lemons, and ginger three great ingredients that work together to protect your health and generate energy that helps make life worth living.

Discover The Health Benefits Of Juicing In Each ingredient

Apples are one of the most healthful fruits out there and go well with almost any juice. Apples add lots of flavor and nutrition. Their nutrition helps reduce cholesterol, promote heart health, boost your immune system. There are many good side effects to boosting your immune system. So many nagging conditions are caused by a compromised immune system. Asthma, acne, brittle hair and a variety of other maladies can be improved by building up your immunity.

Lemons also give your immune system a boost. They have natural antibacterial and antiviral properties and like apples will help wipe out a lot of maladies that have crept into your life. Lemons have pectin, limonene, bioflavonoids and vitamin C. Lemons are known to help digestion and help with weight loss. They also cleanse your liver which on it’s own can help you feel great. To top

Aug 14

Fruits For Diabetes-what Fruits Can A Diabetic Eat

Diabetes is a serious disease that affects quality of life and may even shorten a persons life span. Diabetes decreases the bodys ability to use blood sugar for energy. Diabetics have blood sugar levels that are out of balance and require treatment to be maintained within a normal range. Proper diet that is low in fat and simple sugars and high in fibre and complex carbohydrates can help balance the blood sugar and control weight. Avoid processed sugars, including those in cookies, candies, cakes, ice cream, sodas, honey, chocolate, and desserts. Avoid dried fruit. Choose the diet such that the approximate calories from the various components of the food.

Ayurveda includes diabetes mellitus in the prameha category. Pramehas are a list of urinary disorders, especially characterized by profuse urination with several abnormal qualities. Out of these, diabetes mellitus is termed as madhumeha. It is one of the four vataja pramehas. Most of the treatment methods for diabetes mellitus regard it as a largely dietary disease. But Ayurveda is variant widely in its outlook. The Ayurvedic treatment for diabetes mellitus is based on an entire change in the lifestyle of the person. Nature provides us with extraordinary gifts which can help us come over a lot of health problems. There are various kinds of fruits in the natural world which can help us controlling diabetes.

Fruits which a diabetic can consume –

A diabetic can choose from a wide list of fruits that Mother Nature provides in order to get rid of disturbed diabetes. The following is a list of fruits that a diabetic can opt for:

– Rose apple (Eugenia Jambos, Jamun)

– Powder of rose apple stones (powder of Jambu or Jamun ki Guthali)

– Bilva (Aegle Marmelos, Corr, Bael fruit)

– Oranges

– Lemons

– Bitter melons

Aug 13

Health Benefits Of Mulberry – How Can This Fruit Help To Improve Your Health

As waistlines across the world continue to expand and get bigger, more people are looking for ways to help in their own weight control. Some people have opted to change their diets, eliminating all of the fattening food they normally consume and instead replacing it with better, healthier options. Other people are changing their exercise habits. And some are looking to find products that also have additional health benefits, added on to whatever positive aspects they already offer. One such product that has a number of beneficial medical plusses going for it is the mulberry.

The mulberry is a fruit that has many health benefits working in its favor. One such benefit of this fruit is the fact that it contains a compound known as anthocyanins, which are responsible for giving any berry the same properties of an antioxidant. This compound is also what gives berries a generally darker color. Some recent research has suggested that these anthocyanins are able to things like help fight off cancer, slow down the aging process and aid in helping with neurological disorders. They are also said to be able to fight off or help to properly manage diabetes, plus it can get rid of infections that are caused by bacteria.

Other health benefits of the mulberry have to do with the juice of the fruit. The juice is thought to be good at taking care of things like poor blood circulation, as well as anemia. Modern Chinese medicine has used the juice to mix a tonic which is then used to help symptoms of anemia as well as make improvements in their circulation. Sometimes this mixture is put together with other components, which is used to help ease the nerves following a long day of stress.

In addition to all of that, the

Aug 10

Le Vive Juice Health Benefits

Le Vive is The Next Best Thing to a Fountain of Youth Centuries ago, kings and queens of different nations believed that there was a Fountain of Youth out in the world somewhere.

What are the benefits of Le Vive Juice
Le Vive is The Next Best Thing to a Fountain of Youth
Centuries ago, kings and queens of different nations believed that there was a Fountain of Youth out in the world somewhere. If you drank the water from this fountain, you would remain young forever. While we have yet to discover this mythical fountain, there are various ways that science has discovered to keep aging at bay. These anti-aging compounds and ingredients are in high demand, and the demand for anti-aging products only keeps growing. Le Vive Juice is an anti-aging drink that effectively fights aging with all-natural ingredients, and will not only repair the appearance of aging, but improve your overall health. There are many Le Vive Juice health benefits.

Probably the most significant of the many Le Vive Juice health benefits is its antioxidant levels. Free radicals have been in the news a lot. They are molecules with unpaired electrons. These molecules are extremely unstable and, in addition to accelerating the appearance of aging, they are also believed to contribute to degenerative diseases and cancers. But antioxidants stabilize free radicals by bonding to those rogue electrons. This can not only improve the appearance of your skin for a more youthful overall appearance, but can also help your health in other ways by boosting your immune system performance and preventing degenerative diseases and cancers.

How Can Le Vive Improve Your Health
There are also other Levive Juice health benefits. Drinking Levive Juice can help to reduce stress and depression. It can help you to

Aug 10

Feijoas The Specialty Fruit Beyond Guava And Quince

There are many things to love about living in New Zealand, one being the lovely climate that is also perfect for growing specialty fruits such as the delectable feijoa. But while it is common to find a feijoa tree growing in the backyards of many New Zealanders, this unassuming-looking fruit is unknown to much of the world. However, with the world becoming more and more of a global marketplace, the delights of feijoas are becoming more widespread.

When and How Do You Eat a Feijoas?

Ripening and Storing Feijoas

Because feijoas do not change in appearance as they ripen, it can be difficult to determine when a fruit is overripe. They are best when fragrant and yield to gentle pressure. They don’t last long, but can be stored in the refrigerator for 3 to 5 days. If you have some feijoas and want to speed up the ripening process, place them in a paper bag at room temperature. Adding an apple to the bag speeds up the process even further. The season for feijoas in New Zealand generally lasts from April through June.

Eating Feijoas With Manners…and Without

The most common way to eat feijoas is to simply cut one in half widthwise, and eat the fruit by scooping it out with a spoon. The less patient (or perhaps more barbarous) eaters simply tear off one end and suck the fruit out, no spoon required. Others like to peel feijoas with a vegetable peeler and then pop the remaining fruit in their mouth. Finally, the most adventurous fans will eat entire feijoas, skin and all. (For some, the bitterness of the skin makes this an unacceptable option).

Cooking With Feijoas

Of course, feijoas can be happily added to fruit salads. Pureed, they can be added to juices, ice cream, ices,

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