Jul 19

Why Is It Wise To Drink Cactus Juice

Are you thinking about adding a cactus juice to your diet every day, but are not sure this is smart? Then it is past time for you to be told about the number one reason that it is smart for any person to drink cactus juice on a daily basis.

The number one reason you definitely want to drink this juice every day is because it provides your body with numerous health benefits. It is smart for you to learn the health benefits you will receive if you drink this juice.

The most imperative health benefits that any person will get from cactus juice are as follows.

1. Helps the body reduce inflammation – There are many health ailments that are caused by inflammation and this juice drink has been known to help your body reduce the inflammation you suffer from.

The more you drink this juice the more the inflammation in the body will reduce and that is going to provide you with the much needed relief from the pain you suffer with. Drinking it on a daily basis will help to keep the inflammation down in your body so the pain also stays away.

2. Gives an increase of energy to your body – If you suffer from a lack of energy every day, then you can drink this juice to help you increase your energy, which is going to make it much easier to get through your days.

3. Helps to protect the liver – The natural ingredients in this juice drink will help to protect the liver from harmful toxins that can get into it and damage it in any way.

4. Gets rid of harmful toxins that can get into a person’s body – There are a variety

Jul 16

Morindaas Noni Juice From Tahiti As A Cure For Warts

My teenaged daughter has a lot of warts on each of her hands. We have tried many different products including freezing and lasers. It has been very traumatic for a young girl who just wants to be able to hold hands with her favorite boy.
It was about then that my friend began extolling the benefits of Tahitian Noni Juice. She then proceeded to tell me a story about her niece having an asthma attack, and how just a small dose of noni juice alleviated her symptoms in under an hour.
My friend then told me that she was a distributor for noni, and she asked if I would like to become a distributor as well. I told her I would like to look into the product further and asked what brand she sold. She quickly announced she only endorsed Tahitian Noni Juice, which was manufactured by Morinda. She even gave me a sample so that I could try it for myself.
I began to research the product, and I soon discovered that Morinda was the only company using an authentic product. Through online searches, I also learned about the many benefits associated with Tahitian Noni Juice. A few days later, my family went on vacation. One night, my daughter came out to me on the terrace and broke down crying because of her warts. It was truly heart breaking.
That evening as I lay down to go to sleep, I remembered my friend talking about the various benefits of Tahitian Noni Juice, and I wondered if it could helpful for my daughteras warts. I decided right then and there that I would try it, and if it really worked, I would become a distributor.
The next morning, I poured part of the bottle of

Jul 15

Xanthones In The Mangosteen Fruit

A wonderful compound found specifically in mangosteen fruit Xanthones (said zan-thones) are polyphenolic compound sets that are wonderful antioxidants. If you’re not familiar with antioxidants then you might want to get a quick over view of exactly what it is they do, for now we’ll go a head break down the benefits of Xanthones in Mangosteen fruit.

Xanthones: A Miracle Antioxidant?

Better then most other known types of antioxidants xanthones in mangosteen are said to help slow the aging process of the bodies cells. Folk/Natural medicine also states that the xanthones in mangosteen are very effective at treating numerous ailments and diseases, along with preventing them from occurring at all. Recently medical studies have also proven that there is definitely benefits to these antioxidants and the effect they have on the human body.

Used for centuries in Southeast Asia the mangosteen fruit cured a variety of diseases and ailments. In the western world mangosteens have already exhibited anti fungal an antibacterial properties, and they appear through Xanthones to help strengthen our immune system. This could be wonderful news for those suffering from immune deficiency problems such as HIV.

Xanthones in mangosteen fruit also aid with blood circulation, and help dilate blood vessels. This allows more blood to flow through them, and an over all increased blood flow. For people with poor circulation such as those with diabetes this is good news to naturally help increase blood flow through the body.

Other positive health benefits that xanothones have been credited with curing are: fatigue, depression, eczema, gum disease, pain, obesity, and vertigo. There have also been claims that mangosteen has help slow the progress of Parkinson’s, glaucoma, and Alzheimer’s.

Some research on the benefits of xanthones in mangosteen fruit appear to be very promising. Just for the simple anti-viral properties it

Jul 15

How To Get Rid Of Fruit Flies And Gnats

Alright, so you have a problem. You are here because you want to know how to get rid of fruit flies and gnats. First, you must clean your home. If you have any fruits or vegetables out on your counters you are begging for the gnats and fruit flies to enter your home. Also make sure not to over water house plants. Gnats and fruit flies love over watered plants for some reason. Make sure your kitchen is clean. You will want to empty and clean your trash cans regularly because the gross stuff that accumulates on the trash can will attract them as well. Most of the time this is all you need to do to get rid of fruit flies and gnats.

Ok, the house is clean but you still need help getting rid of your fruit flies and gnats. Try this cool trick! Fruit flies and gnats are attracted to the smell of vinegar. Poke a couple of holes in the top of a mason jar and fill it with vinegar. The fruit flies and gnats will climb in and wont be able to get out. It’s basically a fruit fly and gnat trap. This is a great way on how to get rid of fruit flies and gnats, but keep reading if you would like to try something else.

You can also try coating your kitchen sink with vegetable oil. Once the gnats and fruit flies get coated they can not lay eggs and many will die. This is a messy way but can get the job done. It will take a little longer to get rid of them but at least they wont be able to lay eggs for the next generation of annoyances. Keep reading for the last resort.

You can just go down

Jul 14

Acai Berry Juice – Dangers Of Free Trials

It seems that everyone is jumping on the band wagon to sell acai berry juice or capsules or powder. Over the past few years, the popularity of this little power-packed super berry from the Amazon has skyrocketed. Thanks to modern freeze drying methods, this fragile fruit can now be shipped in a powder form throughout the world. Everywhere you look on the internet and in magazines there are ads, buy Acai from us. But be wary, especially of free trail offers for acai berry juice, capsules, or any other health food for that matter. Here is why:

1. Some are scams. They want your credit card anyway so they can bill you for outrageous shipping and handling charges, which sometimes equal the cost of the product. So, it really isn’t free.

2. They will bill your credit card and keep sending you stuff. Even if you try and cancel, your request seems to drag on and in the meantime, they keep sending you stuff you didn’t order and charge your card.

3. Their acai product is probably not pure. It is laced with starch, sugar or even saw dust to stretch their supply. You may not be getting 100% pure product, especially if it is in a gel capsule. Better to buy acai berry juice in a powder form so you can mix it yourself.

4. Their acai may not have been freeze dried within 24 hours of picking. The fruit rots very fast and loses a lot of its nutritional value after a day or so. Cheaper, older berries are then sold to third world marketers.

5. The manufacturing may not be sanitary, especially if it comes from China or Indonesia. Child labor forces have probably been used.

6. The acai may not be from the Amazon, but a

Jul 13

Vegetables And Fruit Never Hurt Anybody

When you think of your body, you usually don’t think about the colon. First, most people don’t know what or where it is, but once you find out, you especially don’t want to think about it. It controls your bowels and also is a place where toxins build up that can affect your health for the rest of your life. The colon is not a part of the body that most people think about when they are young, but it is a part of the body that is necessary to keep your body in shape for a long time. As people grow older, they have a harder time moving their bowels, so taking care of the proper maintenance is vital to your health further on up the road.

Colon health is not something to be joked about and there are many health professionals who believe that colon cleanses and fasting are the ways to help clean out the colon. One thing is agreed upon by all and that is that good colon health is really something that can make or break the entire system of the body. Since the colon is the primary way that the body emits the toxins and waste from it, it stands to reason that keeping these toxins within the system too long can result in serious health issues.

There are no magic potions that can keep the colon healthy, but it is simply a matter of common sense such as eating properly with a good and healthy diet that does not always consist of a Happy Meal. Once your eating habits improve and you are not putting nutritional poison into your body, you colon will than you for it.

High fiber foods essentially work to cleanse the inside of your body and

Jul 13

Coffee Fruit

The tests are in; Coffee Fruit From the Kona Region in Hawaii is the most pure in the world. Coffee Fruit extracts are just now available within the United States through KonaRed Coffee Fruit Company, flown straight from the Mountains of Kona. High antioxidant levels in the freeze-dried coffee fruit have led leading scientist like Dr.Dr. Justin Paquette ia fellowship-trained surgeon excited to recommend that patients suffering from conditions such as arthritis and gout try coffee fruit . He earned a triple major in Biology, Psychology, and Cognitive Science from Vassar College. He spent postgraduate time at Yale University studying degenerative disorders in the primate brain. With a Masters Degree from Boston University School of Medicine with a thesis studying the neuro-degenerative effects of Huntington’s disease. At Albany Medical College, Dr. Paquette published work on free radicals in the process of neuronal cell injury and aging, and the positive effects of various neuro-protective agents. He completed his neurosurgery residency at Harvard and Tufts Universities. Dr. Paquette then finished a fellowship in complex spinal disorders at Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. He currently practices in Beverly Hills.

Free dried KonaRed Coffee Fruit has some of the highest levels of antioxidants available, and now is becoming available for the first time at pharmaceutical grade quality through the KonaRed Coffee Fruit Company. The packaging includes sample and lot testing data so quality is ensured throughout the supply chain. KonaRed is the only domestic source of this super food and has helped people to lead healthier lives. You can read and see some live testimonials from clients on the YouTube channel who have experienced “gout cures” after use of the Coffee Fruit extracts from KonaRed. There is some speculation that the anti inflammatory property of the coffee fruit extracts including antioxidants help

Jul 12

Tart Cherry Juice Helps Fight Varicose Veins

Varicose veins are swollen, dilated and elongated veins that can be usually seen on your legs. These unsightly affiliations can cause fatigue, pain and even a burning sensation. There are three types of varicose veins: deep veins, perforator veins and superficial veins.

Superficial veins are the veins just beneath the surface of the skin and are able to be seen by the eye when the varicose condition has developed. Superficial veins are the type of veins most affected by this condition. Deep veins are the large blood vessel found inside the muscles. Perforator veins connect the deep veins to the superficial veins.

What Causes Varicose Veins?

One of the most telling signs of the presence of this condition is the visible purplish colored veins and skin that is a result of stagnant pools of blood making the veins and area visible.

Varicose veins occur as a result of faulty valves in the veins that prevent normal unidirectional egress (uphill flow) from the lower extremities of the body back to the heart. The walls of the veins have values that open and close in response to the blood flow in the body. When the left ventricle of the heart pumps blood out into the aorta, it produces high blood pressure and pushes blood throughout the body. Between heart beats, the body experiences low blood pressure and during this phase the blood in the veins is affected by gravity. Valves in the veins help to prevent the blood from flowing downward.

Varicose veins start to occur when these valves become faulty and fail to close. As the blood pressure in the body begins to increase again due to the heart, more values in that section of the vein may begin to fail. These additional value failures allow blood to pool and stretch the vein. Over

Jul 12

Mean Green Juice Recipe to Lose Weight Fast and Healthily

It’s a myth that juices make you fat. Perhaps there may be some truth to that if you are consuming store-bought juice which has been heated and lost most of its goodness, but freshly squeezed juices, especially if you use them to replace a meal, will bring fast weight loss – naturally and healthily.

Most of us eat a highly processed diet which acidifies in the body, resulting in weight gain, illness and disease. If you make a point of eating 80% alkalizing food in your daily diet, you will lose weight automatically as the body begins to correct the pH balance.

Added to that, juice digests in the system really fast compared to a meal which may take 3 hours! This will contribute to fast weight loss that is not detrimental to your health. And if you really want to go all-out, going on a juice fast will result in exceptionally fast weight loss, although be prepared to experience detoxification symptoms, such as headaches, fatigue, backache, diarrhoea, etc. I personally prefer a juice fast to having just water on a fast, especially if you still need to work while fasting. Having juice instead of just water on a fast will help make a fast a lot easier.

Here is my favourite juice recipe that’s packed with nutrients and will help you lose weight fast. Although it contains herbs and veggies, the fruit makes it sweet. The parsley actually gives it a unique flavour that can almost be described as addictive!

The Mean Green Juice (makes 1 – 2 glasses):


2 apples – keep the skins on but remove the pips and cut into wedges

1 pear – keep the skin on but remove the pips and cut into wedges

1 kiwi – keep the skin on and cut into wedges

Handful grapes – remove stalks

celery stick


Jul 11

Drink Lemon Juice And Gain Its Advantages

You are aware that basically any fruit has its own health benefits. As far as citrus fruits are concerned, they have more benefits than others. The lemon has many benefits as well as the lemon juice. Further, fresh squeezed lemons and store bought lemon juices have the same benefits. Plenty of vitamin C is available in lemon juice, which is very much essential for human health. Vitamin C in the lemon juice helps you to have a healthier skin, fight against infections and helps to heal the wounds, if any, faster.

Further Benefits of Lemon Juice

One of the best benefits that the lemons and lemon juices are that it protects your body from germs and bacteria and fights against them. Lemon juice contains high quantity of citric acid which helps the body against cold, as your body need a strong immune system to fight the cold and the lemon juice is a natural immune system booster. Lemon juice also acts as an antioxidant, stimulates liver, controls irritable bowel syndrome and can control constipation and other related problems.

Lemon juice is easily made by squeezing one or two teaspoons of lemon mixed with a glass of water. This juice has several nutrients and acidity in it. You can even get lemon concentrate and mix a small quantity with water. There is no caffeine, sodium or sugar in it and you can simply drink the juice and derive various benefits.

One more benefit of the lemon juice is that it acts as a natural diuretic. This diuretic causes you to urinate more frequently than usual and the lemon juice controls this. People, who are suffering from water retention and urinary infection problems, can be benefited by drinking lemon juice.

Lemon juice contains high calcium which is essential to build bone density

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